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Relationship Recruiting: The Ultimate Recruiting Engine

by Roy Notowitz -Managing Director,Notogroup Executive Search

Broad Changes Sweeping the Hiring Landscape

The economy, the Internet, and the varied needs of the three distinct generations of employees in the workforce have created a complex hiring climate. Despite the fact that next generation recruiters have become savvy users of applicant tracking systems, social networking tools, and data mining tools, there has been a steady decline in recruiting departments’ ability to develop talent pools or communities. This decline is documented by a 4 year Electronic Recruiters Exchange survey conducted by Kevin Wheeler of Global Learning Resources. In recent years we have seen in-house recruiters with a heavy requisition load relegated to spending 75% of their time searching for, and responding to, low hanging fruit from their overflowing email inboxes and resume databases.

Here are some ideas that we recommend to clients who are interested in learning how to boost their relationship recruiting power:

Preparation and Planning

In order to build the competency internally, you need to hire passionate recruiters who are energized by people. Then, create a department structure that has sufficient recruiter support to ensure that those recruiters have at least 75% of their time focused on building relationships with high potential candidates.

Developing an internal sourcing team may not make financial or operational sense for your company. If your company falls into this category, then another viable option is to develop a strategic partnership with a search firm that has a deeply established network and a credible reputation in your industry. Regardless of how you procure the resources, a well-designed long-term relationship recruiting strategy will result in a significant advantage in today’s challenging hiring climate.