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Retail Sales/General Manager


Posted by Fly Rides USA on 02/11/2020

Job Basics

Industry Sector: Bike

Job Categories: Retail - Management- Staff

Company Type: Retail

State: CA

City: Los Angeles

Country: United States

Required Experience: 1 - 3 years

Job Type: Full Time

Salary: $70,000 +

Required to Relocate: Yes

Required to Travel:

Employee May Telecommute: No

Job Seeker Must Live Within: 10 miles

Job Description & Requirements

Position: LA Fly Rides General Manager

We’re looking for an LA Fly Rides General Manager to join the U.S.'s leading eBike retailer to help continue to grow and manage our Hollywood location in Los Angeles.

Who are we?

Fly Rides is a tech forward, full service electric bike company, specializing in eBike sales, service, guided tours, and rentals. We started in San Diego over 9 years ago and expanded with another brick and mortar store in Hollywood a little over 2 years ago. In addition to our B&M stores, we are also a national leader as an online eBike retailer.

We are super passionate about sharing the electric bike culture with our customers! Our team of A-game players approaches our work with enthusiasm, passion, and focus to consistently be the best at what we offer.

In an industry that has seen thousands of Independent Bike Dealers close up in the last decade due to lackluster sales, the Electric Bike Industry is a beacon of light. Fly Rides started in early 2011 and we have seen a often seen growth of 100% year over year. We’re wrapping up 2019 as the leader, not just in SoCal, but across the U.S. as the premier eBike retailer. We have a highly curated product line including Specialized, Pivot, Riese & Muller, Haibike, Tern, Bulls, Cube, and Gazelle. Last year we doubled our physical footprint at both B&M stores, and have continued to expand our online presence.

We are only 1 of only 10 dealers nationally that are Bosch eBike Expert Certified and the owners, Ike and Megan, serve on the national Bosch Dealer Advisory Board.

Why you want to join the Fly Rides team:

  • Because you value autonomy.This is a big one for us and our team members. Fly Rides does not operate with a management style of being very heavy on micromanaging. Once properly trained on our systems and given your directives/core activities, we give you the tools, support and space to get the job done. We are a very collaborative team and if you’re having issues with something, another team member will be happy to assist you.
  • Because you value a positive and supportive work environment:This one speaks for itself, but as a team, we are pretty upbeat and pumped about what we do. We work hard together to accomplish our goals and give our customers best in class experience, and support each other in the process.
  • Because you want to be a part of a growing industry and company: At Fly Rides, we do things a little different than your average bike shop. We approach our biz with more of a startup mentality, looking for ways to change and improve the way things are done in the bike world, which is one reason we were turned on to eBikes. When they first came out, they were pretty much BSO’s (bike shaped objects), but we now sell super high performance bicycles. Whether traditional bike enthusiasts like it or not, eBikes are here and will most likely make up 30-50% of bikes sold in the U.S. within 10 years. In Germany and the Netherlands eBike account for over 50% of bicycles sold. It’s the largest and fastest growing segment in the bike industry and we’re looking for team members who are ready to embrace this new technology that augments the cycling experience! This growth and openness also means that we are not a stagnant organization and there is opportunity to grow professionally and financially!
  • Because you like to ride: Between our two locations, six of our team members ride to work (three more would, but live so close they can walk). Many on our team get together to go mountain biking or organize group rides.

Who are we looking for?

We’re looking for a top level person here. Someone with a background in sales but also management. We’re looking for someone who really sees themselves as an entrepreneur and can work as such through this role, and be rewarded for their pursuits in growing the shop revenue.

As the GM for our LA location you will be responsible for driving revenue and alongside our already trained and amazing Assistant Manager, working to maintain quality control standards utilizing the processes we’ve developed over the years to run a smooth and efficient team. You’ll also be supported by our Chief Operations Manager who will support your efforts to continue to make LA a success.

We’ve already put together a pretty solid team and now we’re looking for the right person to really lead and take the shop to where we know it can go!


  • Must have a sales background, preferably in high-end sales. You’ll need to be able to provide references for your sales positions as well as your accomplishments in this role.
  • Must have a leadership/management background. You’ll need to step into this role with operational skills as well as know how to lead and motivate a team efficiently to work together to accomplish shop goals.
  • Must possess a recent year smartphone and be ok with downloading and utilizing apps for the biz on the phone.
  • Must be available to work weekends. To start, the schedule will be Thursday - Monday.
  • In order to sustain, you’ll ideally need to live within approx. 10 miles from the shop or willing to relocate.

Ability to do any of the following is a plus!

  • Experience with Lightspeed POS
  • Experience with any of the following software:
  • Slack
  • Trello or similar project management software
  • Google Drive Business Suite
  • Copper or similar CRM
  • Interest in cycling is a plus, especially mounting biking. You don’t have to be an expert but if you’re willing to learn, you’ll be able to relate to our customers and sell more easily.

Here’s a run down of what we look for in all our team members but especially in our Team Leaders:

Communicative: Our business relies on all of our team members communicating throughout the day with each other. You will need to respond promptly to messages, and keep the rest of the team updated on the status of your work and projects as well as communicating to your team priorities.

Open minded: We believe in getting more people on bikes! Electric bikes make cycling fun and accessible for more people, and we are all for them. Bike purists who don’t embrace the ebike revolution will not be a good fit with our company.

Self-motivated: If you don’t already plan your day, then go ahead and rule yourself out. We’re looking for someone who wakes up each day with an agenda and knows how to execute it.

Sharp: We’re not talking academia here, but the type of calculating sharpness you’ll need to absorb information, make intelligent decisions & then execute.

Organized and Detail Oriented: We have a busy shop with a lot of moving parts, and you will need to keep track of service projects, orders, and shipping. We will train you and provide the tools, but you'll need to keep your project management tools updated. We currently rely on Lightspeed and Trello for this.

Teachable: Big egos need not apply. We’re looking for a team member who knows how to absorb and apply what we teach them quickly & efficiently without being defensive. We run a very collaborative organization and are very open about offering critical feedback to help our team members grow. You should consider yourself a quick learner and have a general curiosity about things and how they work and wanting to be a part of an organization that is consistently striving to be better.

Earnest: When you commit to something, are you determined to see it through? Are you sincere and resolute in that commitment? Do you take pride in doing a job well?

Trustworthy: Most people will just gloss over this one, but do yourself a favor and be honest with yourself so you don’t waste our time or yours. If you’re not trustworthy, we’ll sniff this out before long and if you are, it will be apparent. We highly value and reward team members we trust!

Positive: Are you consistently upbeat and enthusiastic even when circumstances would make most others feel otherwise? Having a positive and optimistic mindset will allow you to better deal with situations as they arise.

  • Do you have a strong ability to work independently?
  • Are you self-motivated?
  • Do you look for ways to add value?
  • Are you a quick learner, with some mechanical, technological, sales aptitude?
  • Do you have the ability to work in a fast-paced setting?
  • Do you have strong multitasking skills?
  • Do you have strong time management skills?

Compensation: This position will come with a bit of responsibility and pressure to own all aspects of this location. To this end we want this to be a rewarding opportunity not just professionally but financially as well. One way we do this is by offering team leaders a Net Profitability bonus. This net profitability bonus will not just be for your store location, but you’ll share in the whole company's success.

Benefits once hired as a salaried employee:

  • $45K/year salary
  • Quarterly net profitability bonuses. Should expect a gross of $75K your first year.
  • Top 10% of most competitive compensation in the bike industry
  • PTO, including major holidays
  • Continuing education and outside training
  • Employee Bike Program
  • Wholesale parts and accessories
  • Team rides and outside events

To be considered for this role, submit the following:

  • Cover letter: Telling us why you feel you’d be the ideal candidate for this position, what your background is, what your 2 year and 5 year goals are. Feel free to tell us why you’re not boring. What do you nerd out on, what are your hobbies. We’ve found that team members with outside interests make for well rounded leaders. Please check over your CL and ensure it is grammatically correct; failure to be attentive to details like these will automatically remove you from the list of potential candidates.
  • Resume: We don’t need to know everywhere you worked, just your most relevant work history.
  • Minimum of 2 references: Must be from current or previous managers from relevant work experience.

Once you have submitted these, head over to the link below to fill out our prerequisite questionnaire so we can get to know you better: LA Fly Rides General Manager Prerequisite Questionnaire:

Thanks for your interest and we look forward to hopefully having you join the team in for 2020!

About Fly Rides USA

Fly Rides USA is the premier electric bike retailer in SoCal and throughout the U.S.  We only carry the highest quality electric bikes like Specialized, Pivot, Haibike, Riese and Muller, Bulls, Focus and Tern.   
We have 2 thriving store locations in La Jolla, CA and Hollywood, CA where we specialize in ebike sales, service, tours and rentals.  We’re currently the #1 rated tour in San Diego and #1 rated outdoor activity in LA on TripAdvisor.  
We also have a growing eCommerce business and are expanding in to offering multi-day luxury eMTB tours overseas.  
We’re a team of A players who are passionate about biking and often mountain bike together as well as participate in local eMTB races like the Boogaloo series.  We work hard, but have fun as a team.  The owners are committed to making the Fly Rides family not just a fun place to work, but also one that is professionally and financially rewarding.  
In an industry that has seen thousands of Independent Bike Dealers close up in the last decade due to lackluster sales, the Electric Bike Industry is a beacon of light. We started San Diego Fly Rides in early 2011 and have seen amazing growth year over year.   2018 is already a banner year like we’ve never seen before.  We are looking to grow our team in a variety of positions, including marketing, sales, IT, customer service, bike tech, and tour guide roles.  If you are a motivated, communicative team player that loves to learn and loves bikes, get in touch!  If you’re a good fit, you can join an established and rapidly growing company where you’ll feel part of the family.