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Future Focus LLC

1160 Monroe Avenue

Rochester, NY, 14620

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Our senior level recruiters are subject matter experts with real industry experience. They delve deep into your qualifications to discover your unique personal qualities and the assets you bring to the table. We employ an in-depth interview and the Wonderlic™ assessment tools, which reveals your true potential, vision and goals, illuminating the most effective career path for you. Accepting a position with a new company, whether you are currently employed or not, has a risk associated with it. The company or position may not be the right fit for your career path. Our sophisticated process mitigates that risk by fully informing you throughout this very important decision-making process and ensures your skills and unique personal qualities will be matched properly with the positions being considered.

Future Focus, LLC takes a personal, vested interest in order to nurture a long-term relationship beneficial to you, our clients and ourselves