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Why Work with a Niche Job Board and What to Expect

Find the Right Person, In the Right Place -- Marketing to Your Jobseeker Audience


How to choose a job board in your niche: Tips and Advice

Ok, you are looking for someone with the right skills set and perhaps fit into your culture, right? And a person who actually has a passion and/or experience in your industry.

Are you really marketing to your job seeker audience?

You are wondering where to post your job and ready to do it.  You visit big job boards such as Indeed, LinkedIn, ZipRecruiter or Craig’s list. The feedback I receive from outdoor industry employers in all segments of the industry, is that their time and money was with the larger generic job boards.

You may not realize that by posting on large generic job boards you will dilute the effectiveness of your posting and you will receive candidate resumes that are not passionate in your niche or do not have experience in your industry.

Yes, you are likely to receive less applications working with a niche job board such as But this is important because your TIME and ENERGY in reviewing the resumes will be less and the candidates you receive will meet your qualifications.  That is because you find the right person at the right place: in your niche.

10 Questions to ask when considering to work with a niche job board. The red text are answers of we do at

  1. Are your jobs displayed just on your job board or other jobs boards or any other sites as well? Yes, your jobs are displayed on SIA ( and on (bicycle jobs only) and Outside Business Journal ( and the (National Collegiate Shooting Sports Athletes Assn)
  2. Do you have an email newsletter that announces the job to your specific niche? Yes
  3. How large is your email list? We have an organically grown database of 80,000+
  4. If so, how do you find those jobseekers and obtain those email addresses?
  5. Do you market the jobs in social media? Yes, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram
  6. Do you offer a free extension of postings or refunds if you don’t receive your desired results? Yes
  7. What does a job seeker in your niche type into the search engines to find the job they want and the industry they want to work in? Is the job board highly ranked in the search engines under your niche key words? Yes
  8. How long have you been in business?  17 Years
  9. Does someone answer the phone when you call? That is a given
  10. Is it free for the jobseekers?  Yes

Please Note:  Your job will be posted on all of our sub-sites to bring more targeted traffic to your job posting. Those sub sites are:,, and

So, consider who your job audience is and how you are going to market your job to them. That should determine where you decide to post. 


After over 17 years in business we have received a tremendous amount of feedback about our job board from both employers and jobseekers.

For testimonials please view our YouTube video:

Testimonials on

Recent feedback Employer connections on LinkedIn.

“When I post on (large generic job board) I receive hundreds of resumes, but the people who apply have no clue what we do. The applicants we receive from your job board are of higher quality and want to work in the industry.”

Just recently a Recruiter who I met on LinkedIn, gave us a try. She posted a National Sales Manager job. She said: “I have had great response from your site, thank you so much for making me aware of your product. “

"When we began the process of sourcing sales reps for Kigo Footwear, we looked at a number of job posting and recruiting sites. We chose Outdoor because the other companies using the resource are high quality, the pricing structure is fair and connections to key industry outlets make the distribution wider and more relevant than other job sites. In no time, we had dozens of leads, many of them qualified and a few that ultimately became a part of the extended kigo team. We're very pleased."

Recent feedback from Jobseeker connections on LinkedIn.

“I am on your site at least twice a week! I have applied for a couple of different positions and had a couple of interviews. Thank you for putting together such a quality product.”

“Hi Laurel! Just wanted to connect and say thank you for Outdoor Industry Jobs as it has been a great platform in helping me transition into the industry.”

“I am signed up for the newsletter and check it regularly. It was a major resource for me when I was trying to break into the industry a few years ago and has stayed a resource that I regularly utilize. I'm so happy it exists. When I first started my search to get into the industry it was one of the only places that allowed me to find what I was looking for. Needless to say, I'm a big fan.”

“It’s an awesome sight. I scored a sales job off it years ago. I have also shared it with many friends. ‘

“100% did help! When I was looking to break into the industry after college it was during a time where your site was really the only resource to find jobs just within the outdoor industry without sifting through everything on Indeed or LinkedIn. It was a godsend. It's still the main site I use when job hunting. I'm very grateful for it! very happy to connect with you and it's great to meet you as well!”

“Hi Laurel, I have worked in the outdoor industry (Black Diamond and KUHL) for years. I was recently laid off due to Covid19, and am currently seeking employment in other industries. You have a great site though! I've accessed it frequently over the years to keep an eye out for new opportunities. Keep up the great work! -Haley”

“Hi Laurel, I want to thank you for providing the service you do, and also the steadfast hope to those of us jobseekers who are focusing on the outdoor industry. I'm personally looking to translate my hard-won corporate skills to the industry I love (which ain't easy right now) so thanks:-)”

“Having been frequenting and using for several years and find your efforts of providing a resource for those seeking a career in a field that they are passionate about truly inspiring. I would like to connect with you.”

If you have any questions about our service or job boards in general, please feel free to email me at

Thanks, you and I we are here to help!

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