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JK6 Corporation

121 Winterset Drive

Rochester, NY, 14625

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We would like you to carry our outdoor and fitness bikes. Introducing JK6 Corporation, inventors and manufacturers of a new generation of unique bicycles with the capability of operating in six (6) different pedaling strokes, including the conventional rotary pedaling motion. This revolutionary technology has been internationally acclaimed, and has won five (5) Gold Medal Awards and an Excellence Award. The Caron bicycle offers the cutting edge advantages and benefits of a 3-in-1 bicycle: (1) a conventional bicycle, (2) a multi-function bicycle, and (3) an optional stationary exercise bike, all in one bicycle. According to a survey conducted among 100 participants, those who used the six different pedaling strokes experienced a 30% greater satisfaction as to exercise effect, and 20% greater satisfaction in riding enjoyment, in comparison to other bicycles. The Caron bicycle is now available in 20 different models of the Outdoor Bikes and 3 different models of the Fitness Bikes, all designed to complement the diverse lifestyles and preferences of the general cycling population ages 6 to 65 and over, including the special needs of individuals with physical disabilities , individuals with limited or restrictive ranges of motion, those under physical rehabilitation and therapy, and even multi-sport athletes in their training and workout programs. Company Brochure and Price List are available on request.