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Over 2000 bicycle shops and retail stores are comprised from one and two-person shops to large nationwide chain stores. Bicycle shops often serve the community by sponsoring the local bicycle club or race team (road, BMX, or mountain bike) or they may have their own schedule of events. They often specialize or serve a particular niche of customers dependent on the interests of the owner(s) or the community they serve.

Most shops sell and repair bicycles and some even rent bicycles. Shops also sell cycling gear, apparel, footwear and components. Typically there will be an owner and/manager, mechanics (bike technicians) and a staff of sales people. There is often a cross-over between jobs if the shop is small. If you want to work in the cycing industry, getting experience in a shop is invaluable and can be a stepping stone to other jobs in the bicycle business. Shops are always looking for good employees of any age and skill set. There are many bicycle jobs out there, if you want to follow your passion!

Benefits of working in the retail bicycle shop industry

  • Working in retail can be the start of a career path with lots of opportunity;
  • Bike store employment appeals to a great lifestyle of health and active people, so you’ll be interacting with great people and doing good work;
  • Most stores offer flexible work schedules that are often not available with larger companies;
  • You would normally work directly for and learn from an owner, instead of a corporate headquarters or absentee owner. This is an opportunity to learn a lot more and be much more involved in the business;
  • You gain a great small business education;
  • Sales of bicycle products promote economical transportation, healthy lifestyle, family recreation, improved environment and small business success;
  • Employees gain knowledge, make friends, and usually have access to discounts on product.

Websites, Online Publications and Forums

  • SmartEtailing specializes in helping bicycle retailers have robust, relevant, content-rich websites that are easy to manage and maintain.
  • Courses emphasize safety from a productgs liability and negligence standpoint so that retailers and bike shops can reduce their risk of injury to others and lawsuit.

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Bicycle Shops and Retailers