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Product Category Buyer - Apparel & Soft Goods


Posted by Conte's Bike Shop on 08/21/2019

Job Basics

Industry Sector: Bike

Job Categories: Customer Service, Management - Product, Management - Sales, Purchasing, Sales - Inside

Company Type: Accessories, Apparel/SoftGoods, HardGoods/Equipment, Retail

State: VA

City: Virginia Beach

Country: United States

Required Experience: 0 - 1 year

Business Phone: 7574914505

Job Type: Full Time

Salary: $41-45,000/year

Required to Relocate: No

Required to Travel: Yes

Employee May Telecommute: Yes

Job Seeker Must Live Within: Telecommute

Job Description & Requirements

Job Description - Product Category(ies) Buyer Conte's Bike Shop®

Generally. Identifies, selects and purchases product categories identified by the principals of the Company, with an emphasis on the product categories of clothing and soft goods, all of which are intended to match the

Company's requirements.

Responsible for filling the Company's retail stores with such products and in the category of clothing, fashionable outfits, that the consumer will buy. Draws upon marketing analysis, and in the product category of clothing, fashion skills, to forecast what the public will wear. The position is a direct report to the principals of the Company.

Job Description.

  • Responsibility for planning, selecting and purchasing quantities within product categories, including those of clothing and -soft goods-merchandise to be sold in the Company's retail stores, as well as maintaining store inventories and forecasting customer demand 
  • Source new and review existing items within the assigned product categories, including clothing and soft goods, to ensure these products remain competitive, fresh, contemporary
  • For the applicable product categories, liaising with existing suppliers and negotiating terms to obtain the best pricing and schedule deliveries to the Company stores
  • Sourcing and building relations with new suppliers
  • Sourcing and selecting new products
  • Monitoring market changes, competitor prices and products
  • Analyzing past sales patterns to anticipate trends in consumer buying patterns
  • Recommending clearance sales and varying delivery schedules to help control stock levels
  • Presenting new product selections and alternatives to Store Managers and Company principals
  • Assisting in the visual merchandising in the Company?s store to promote key lines within the product categories assigned
  • Working with the Company?s social media personnel to present sales promotions

Work Conditions. Travel:

The position is primarily office based, although some travel to our stores is required.

Working hours:

While the travel involved may mean working some evenings and weekends, the position is otherwise projected to be regular hours over Monday to Friday.


The position may be remotely located; however, the position will pay more if -home officed- at the Company's headquarters in Virginia Beach, VA. 

Skills and Qualities:

  • Commercial acumen and a passion for the cycling sector and its products, specifically its clothing and soft goods lines
  • An understanding of what motivates customers to buy individual clothing and soft goods products
  • Confidence combined with negotiating, influencing and networking skills
  • Creativity and attention to detail
  • Ability to prioritize and multitask
  • Excellent analytical skills and the ability to make decisions
  • Customer focus
  • Teamworking and leadership skills

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