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President & CEO


Posted by Venture Outdoors on 02/15/2024

Job Basics

Industry Sector: Outdoor

Job Categories: Management - Executive

Company Type: Recreation

State: PA

City: Pittsburgh

Country: United States

Required Experience:

Job Type: Full Time

Salary: 130,000

Required to Relocate: Yes

Required to Travel: Yes

Employee May Telecommute: No

Job Seeker Must Live Within:

Job Description & Requirements

Title:   President & CEO

Reports to:   Board of Directors

Location:  Pittsburgh, PA

Hours:  Full Time Exempt

Wage: $130,000

This position will remain open until COB March 29, 2024, at which time qualified candidates will be contacted. 

No phone calls or emails please.  



Core to Venture Outdoors continued success is a strong, ethical leader who embodies the mission in both professional and personal pursuits and who has a passion for the outdoors. We are seeking a President & CEO who will continue the stellar reputation, financial stability, community service and overall leadership we have established.


Corporate Culture Leadership 

Venture Outdoors has built a unique corporate culture on the foundation of equity and belonging. Staff members are valued as holistic individuals with complicated lives and unique situations. We provide a curated selection of benefits and flexibility to accommodate individual needs, increase workplace satisfaction, and provide a safe and welcoming environment where all are treated with respect, dignity and compassion. The successful candidate will be responsible for creating safe and inclusive corporate cultures that go beyond traditional DEI initiatives. The internal culture of Venture Outdoors is emulated at the board level. We work strategically to promote and inspire this culture in all organization/external-facing programs, events, and trainings.   

We are looking for an individual with a commitment to personal and professional growth in the area of equity and belonging. 

The President & CEO embodies the organization’s mission and values at all times. 

Personnel Management 

Venture Outdoors’s most important capital is our human capital. We pride ourselves in our mission to train people to leave us and treat them so they don’t want to. Our personnel consist of approximately 15 full-time staff members, 30 year-round part-time staff members, and 60+ seasonal hires to support seasonal programming. With upwards of 90 staff members throughout the year, human resource management sits squarely with the President & CEO. The successful candidate will be responsible for employee attraction, retention, benefit administration and growth, stellar interpersonal communication and conflict resolution. The President & CEO manages all Vice Presidents and Directors providing insights into the well-crafted hiring process, interviewing, onboarding, orientation, strategic communications, conflict resolution and team atmosphere.  

Financial Management 

The financial stability of Venture Outdoors is of the utmost importance as we continue to diversify funding streams, build new products for earned income and implement the 2022 Capitalization Plan. The successful candidate will be responsible for monthly cash flow management of multiple revenue streams, earned income strategic growth modeling, financial team management, operational financial management, endowment program management, financial forecasting and complex budget management of $2M+ annually.  

Fund Development 

Venture Outdoors has worked closely with our partners to create a robust fund development program of both earned income and foundation support. The successful candidate will be responsible for fund development including membership, individual giving, planned giving, corporate sponsorship, earned income, and foundation support The successful candidate will be charged with maintaining relationships with our largest donors and foundations.  

Board Management and Support 

The Board of Directors of Venture Outdoors is a well-trained, well-organized group of volunteers who have worked tirelessly to ensure fiduciary responsibility, and strategic communication is emphasized. The successful candidate will be responsible for Board Member attraction and retention, weekly and monthly Board Member support, Board Committee management, organizational governance and Board training. 

In working with the Executive Committee, the President & CEO routinely takes on special projects and other duties as assigned.  

Capital & Strategic Plan Management  

The President & CEO will be responsible for developing and implementing strategic plans of the organization, including ensuring that the organization’s activities are in furtherance of the mission. They will have direct oversight of directors and Vice Presidents to ensure that strategic goals and objectives are being met. 

The organization is undergoing significant growth and is currently under construction of a $2M floating kayak facility in Downtown Pittsburgh that will serve as a community hub, revenue generation service provider and floating classroom. The organization is also considering additional growth in alternative concession facility locations and a home campus for the organization. The successful candidate will be responsible for capital campaign management and project development.  

Operations Management 

General operations at Venture Outdoors are as complex as our revenue streamsWe host multiple locations for kayak concessions, trips, summer camps, events, storage and more. The successful candidate will be responsible for vendor management, processes and procedures creation and implementation, facility management and other day to day operational duties.   

Public Relations and Communication 

The successful candidate will be responsible for strategic communication, crisis communication, public relations and marketing. The organization aims to serve a multitude of communities and regularly communicates with stakeholders. The President & CEO serves as the organization’s lead media contact, partner relationship manager, and liaison between Board and Staff communications. The President & CEO serves as the final point of escalation for customer service and support. They are also the lead contact for all elected officials for both advocacy and fundraising needs.  



  • Demonstrated commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion resulting in a corporate culture of belonging 

  • Demonstrated experience as a nonprofit CEO or Executive Director 

  • Demonstrated crisis management and strategic communication skillset 

  • Demonstrated multi-faceted fundraising skillset including capital campaign management, large donor and foundation relationship management and fund diversification 

  • Demonstrated ability to communicate effectively at all levels of organization including proven record of relating to and influencing executive level decision makers. 

  • Demonstrated ability to think strategically and create and execute plans that fulfill organization objectives and goals. 

  • Dedicated and committed to the mission of Venture Outdoors. 


  • Current CPR and First Aid certifications (can acquire upon hiring)   

  • PA State Act 34/151 Background Clearances and FBI Background check (must acquire prior to employment) 

                   Note: a finding on the criminal background clearances is not an automatic disqualification, but rather a                             conversation starter 

  • Flexibility to work when necessary, on the weekend, evening and holiday hours, as needed for public events and programs 


  • Medical, Dental, Vision, Life Insurances 

  • 15 days paid vacation annually; 8 days paid sick time annually 

  • 10 paid holidays annually (these days are not prescribed by Venture Outdoors but provided to employees to use as they wish to best fit their values and beliefs) 

  • 8 hours of paid volunteer time per month to be used as employees see fit 

  • All primary and general election days are paid time off 

  • Parental Leave program 

  • Paid winter shutdown between December 26-January 1 

  • Paid mental health shutdown twice annually 

  • Paid professional development 

  • Paid Calm App subscription 

  • Simple IRA plan participation with company contribution 

  • Flexible work environment with home and in-office availability 

  • Free kayaking! 


We commit to the equitable treatment of our colleagues, participants, and community members?by valuing their rights, dignity,?voice,?and expression.??? 

We welcome and respect the diversity of individuality?such as race, sex, gender identity, ability,?culture,?and religion.???? 

We recognize the human right?for all individuals to be?respected?and accepted?without bias.? 

We commit to an organizational responsibility to build individual and community respect, dignity, fairness, care, and equality.? 

We?strive to understand the role our system plays in perpetuating?exclusion, and to address the dynamics that support it.? 

We understand that accountability is mutual and reciprocal?in order?to?continually?learn and?improve.?? 

We believe that Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion extends beyond the workplace and?encourage all to continue?personal development alongside the organization.???? 

We?require?organizational staff and participants to?encourage?a culture of belonging?and consider?the entire experience and the ecosystem that supports.?? 

We will not tolerate explicit and implicit forms of racism, sexism, classism, xenophobia,?ageism,?and/or ableism.?? 

We will not accept the use of racial or gender biases and require staff to implement inclusionary practices within their duties and program design.? 


Venture Outdoors is an equal opportunity employer committed to diversity, equity, and inclusion. 

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