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Assistant Director of Viking Outdoor Recreation


Posted by Western Washington University on 06/11/2024

Job Basics

Industry Sector: Outdoor

Job Categories: Admin/Clerical, Events, Guide (raft,fish,bike hunt,horse etc.), Management, Operations, Outdoor Education, Public Relations

Company Type: School/Military

State: WA

City: Bellingham


Required Experience:

Job Type: Full Time

Salary: $72,070 - $82,880/year

Required to Relocate:

Required to Travel:

Employee May Telecommute: No

Job Seeker Must Live Within:

Job Description & Requirements

About the Position:

The Assistant Director for Viking Outdoor Recreation leads all outdoor recreational programs and staff including the Equipment Rental and Bike Shop, Excursions Program, Western Outdoor Orientation Trips (WOOT), Challenge Program Safety and Leadership. The position also manages Recreational Programming at the Outdoor Center, the ViQueen Lodge on Sinclair Island, and at the Lakewood Challenge Course and Watersports Facility. The Assistant Director is charged with developing, implementing, and assessing a comprehensive and diverse offering of outdoor programs, services, and activities that enhance inclusion, accessibility, and diversity of users, offer opportunities for leadership development, and create community experiences while balancing risk management considerations. The position will manage the VOR Budget and under the direction of the Director for Engagement. Facilitate Risk Management trainings focused on remote medicine, rescue, egress, rope usage, and outdoor skills specific for each VOR program (Trip Leader Training Program, Challenge Program Facilitator Training, WOOT Facilitation, Boating Leadership, Equipment and Bike Shop staff development). 


Position Duties and Responsibilities:

50%: Management and Administration of Viking Outdoor Recreation facilities and programs: the Outdoor Center, Lakewood recreational activities, ViQueen programming, Equipment & Bike Shop, Excursions, WOOT, OC Marketing, & Challenge Course Program. 

- Manage and supervise Viking Outdoor Recreation facilities and programs and staff under direction of the Director of Student Engagement. 

- Supervision of professional staff- Outdoor Center Programs Coordinator 

- Advisement of professional staff- Manager of Lakewood. 

- Supervise student employees: Equipment Shop Coordinator (1), Front Desk Staff (6), Bike Technicians (6), & Equipment Technicians (2) Excursions Coordinators (2), Trip Leaders (30), Marketing Coordinator (1) 

- Provide event and other program management in a manner that demonstrates a commitment to equity and inclusion and that facilitates programming, activities, and services that address the diverse needs, interests, and identities of WWU students. 

- Support educational and recreational programming needs at Viqueen and Lakewood. 

- Lead student coordinators in conducting searches, training, leadership/ professional development, and evaluation of VOR student employees. 

- Manage customer service, enrollment, administrative practices, programmatic risk management, equipment usage, logistics, maintenance, leadership development, student development, and student staff training. 

- Monitor equipment usage and suggested maintenance for all programmatic areas of the Viking Outdoor Recreation. 

- Maintain permits and a relationship with National Forest Service, National Parks Service, and other state agencies. 

Submit recommendations for permitting needs and processes for additional Special Use Permits and commercial use of Lakewood & Viqueen to Director for Viking Union Facilities & Services. 

- Reconcile year-end usage for all permits. 

- Monitor equipment usage and replacement needs. 

- Assist Lakewood Manager in forecasting equipment and gear needs. 

- Manage coordination of routine maintenance of equipment and facilities at ViQueen Lodge. 

- Create VOR opportunities for programming that will increase diversity, equity, accessibility, and inclusion. 

- Increase opportunities for recruitment and retention of diverse employees at all sites and ensure equity in supervision. 


20%: Risk Management 

Under the direction of the of Director for Student Engagement, the position is responsible for managing risk management, risk mitigation, medical protocols, health and safety guidelines, certifications, and permits and application processes to ensure all programs in VOR are safe experiences for employees, volunteers and program participants. 

- Ensure required certifications are up to date and on file for all student and professional staff employees 

- Ensure facilities, rentals and safety equipment are routinely evaluated and replaced as necessary. 

- Consult with the University Risk Manager, University Water Safety officer, and Environmental Health and Safety, as needed. 

- Create and facilitate risk management changes to the WWU Challenge Course, developing and supporting the construction of new elements and dismantling older or less safe structures, course maintenance plan development, and redesigning the course for more disability awareness and interaction. 

- Create and assess risk and safety protocols, developing VOR operational protocols, developing standard operating procedures for all VOR programs. 

- Supervise VOR programmatic risk management, safety, and health for activity programs. 

- Work with the Director for Student Engagement to provide continuous strategic risk management advisement. 

- Ensure that all programs are continuously assessing and evaluating the level of risk management in order to provide the highest quality of programming in all areas. 

- Supervise student coordinators to ascertain if risk management program plans are up to date and get carried over yearly with the new student coordinators. 

- Ensure all operations are up to the industry standards set for the field of outdoor recreation by attending conferences, communicating with other programs, accepting direction from supervisor, and completing yearly reviews of all risk management plans. 

- Ensure all field experiences comply with necessary permitting from landowners and industry methodology; and represent the Director of Student Engagement as delegated. 

- Work with all VOR Coordinators to ensure the highest level of risk management and leadership for all trainings to be conducted throughout the year. 


10%: Budget Administration   

The Assistant Director of VOR is the budget authority for a combined budget of $463.562 per year. They are responsible for managing fiscal and personnel resources, engaging in resource development, and managing VOR operations. 


- Ensure that VOR operations are conducted in accordance with budgetary allocations. Specifically, this position is responsible for directing activity, facility, and property development initiatives for VOR within guidelines established by the of Director for Student Engagement. 

- Maintain stewardship of facilities in cooperation with the Director for Viking Union Facilities and Services 

- Assist with establishing and completing short, mid, and long-range goals for VOR. 

- Develop and maintain VOR's budget, including daily and/or quarterly revenue and expenditure review and approval of requisitions. 


Outdoor Center Rental & Retail Operations 

Manage business and vendor contracts, review and approve contracting of performers/speakers related to outdoor programs, in consultation with the AS Fiscal Specialist. 

- New equipment purchasing and acquisition. 

- Monitor operational revenues and expenses. 

- Train and supervise cash handling and point of sale procedures. 

- Establish rental and retail equipment pricing, forwarding yearly to Director of Student Engagement for inclusion in the proposed fee schedule. (Ultimate approval by WWU Board of Trustees.) 

- Review refund requests for rentals, damages, and late fees. 

- Maintain amortization schedule for replacement of rental equipment. 


Outdoor Center Excursions & WOOT 

- Monitor revenues and expenses of programs and services offered through VOR. 

- Review and approve price structures for Excursions & WOOT programs. 

- Review and approve gear purchasing and replacement for Excursions and WOOT. 


Challenge Program 

Supervise contracts with vendors for annual course inspections at Lakewood, in consultation with the AS Fiscal Analyst. 

- Advise on needed construction, equipment, and safety purchases. 

- Establish pricing structure for client programs, forwarding yearly to Director of Student Engagement for inclusion in the proposed fee schedule. (Ultimate approval by WWU Board of Trustees.) 

- Work with VU Org Fiscal Analyst to ensure billing is completed for course use. 



- Assist Lakewood Manager in managing contracts with vendors, in consultation with the AS Fiscal Specialist. 

- Monitor revenue of programs and services offered at Lakewood. 

- Review and assist Lakewood Manager in development of pricing structures for concessions, programs, and services forwarding yearly to Director of Student Engagement for inclusion in the proposed fee schedule. (Ultimate approval by WWU Board of Trustees.) 



- Approve operational expenditures and consult with Director of Viking Union Facilities & Services on grounds as needed. 

- Participate in meeting with governmental, state, local, and community organizations to discuss environmental changes and regulatory concerns at ViQueen Lodge on Sinclair Island. 

- Supervise needed equipment purchases and develop requests. 


10%: Training, Education, and Staff Development 

The Assistant Director of VOR will advise Outdoor Center Programs Coordinator & Lakewood Manager to ascertain if staff are trained in all programmatic areas relating to their work. Training advisement and oversight include the design and implementation of activity specific training with the help of the OC Programs Coordinator & Lakewood Manager. This includes on and off campus training targeting outcomes including but not limited to outdoor skills, intra-interpersonal skills, diversity, social justice, inclusion, challenge facilitation, and risk management. Trainings will help to ensure that professional staff members, student coordinators, and hourly student staff are up to date with all risk management documents, latest safety protocols according to industry standards, medical protocols, and ensure a high level of competence in activities being provided with the direction given by the Director for Student Engagement. 

- Maintain student learning outcomes and assessment planning in all VOR programs. 

- Develop, implement, and maintain comprehensive cyclical training and development for all VOR staff members focused on the mission, vision, and values of the organization. 

- Responsible for training staff on active risk assessment, risk management, risk mitigation, medical protocols, health and safety guidelines, certifications, permits, and application processes to ensure all programs in VOR are safe experiences for employees, volunteers and program participants. 

- Ensure staff is adhering to required certifications for specific activities and that all certifications are up to date and on file for all student and professional staff employees. 

- Manage and supervise of skilled instruction provided by VOR. 

- Instruct trainings focused on experiential learning, professional leadership, academic, and outdoor skills specific for each VOR program (Trip Leader Training Program, Challenge Program Facilitator Training, Equipment and Bike Shop staff development). 

- Developing, instructing, and implementing the Challenge Program. 

- Provide staff training in areas of inclusion, equity, and accessibility. 

- Create and facilitate routine staff leadership development opportunities in all areas, including use of specialty equipment. 

- Monitor the Activity and Academic programs for continuously maintaining a high level of experiential education opportunities for users and training for facilitators. This happens through continued program evaluation, training days, and co-operation. 


10%: Academic collaborations and campus/community outreach 

The Assistant Director of VOR will facilitate programming partnerships with the academic departments (Leadership Studies, Human Services, Communications Department, Physical Education), create learning opportunities with academics through cooperative instruction, service learning, leadership development, and presentation skills instruction. 

- Assistant Director of VOR will facilitate partnerships with the academic departments including but not limited to (Leadership Studies, Health and Human Development, Communications, Outreach and Continuing Education (OCE), Environmental Sciences). 

- Create experiential learning opportunities with academic departments through cooperative instruction, service learning, and leadership development. 

- Create and facilitate cooperative leadership instruction with OCE in youth programs offered in partnership with VOR. 

- Facilitate and participate in meetings and other activities across campus and in the community to represent VOR and develop extended partnerships. 

- Work directly with academic partners to ensure connections between curricular and co- curricular enterprises, by developing internships and courses focused in outdoor recreation and leadership. 


Required Qualifications:

- Bachelor’s Degree in Outdoor Recreation, Recreation Management, Physical Education, or related field AND 5 years of increasingly responsible experience working in recreational setting (e.g. outdoor recreation, campus recreation, or related field) OR equivalent combination of education and experience. 

- Demonstrated commitment and ability to interact effectively with a diverse population in a positive and empowering manner. 

- Demonstrated skills and experience in program development and assessment. 

- Demonstrate a strong commitment to creating culturally responsive environment for student and/or staff, the delivery of programs that support diversity objectives, and the development of cultural engagement and responsiveness skills. 

- Demonstrated supervision/leadership experience 

- Experience effectively advising or mentoring student leaders, programs, clubs, and/or organizations in an environment that supports student development and student leadership in decision making. 

- Communication/Interpersonal Skills: experience communicating effectively and professionally, including written, interpersonal, and public speaking skills. 

- Demonstrated experience with risk management protocols in a wide range of outdoor recreational activities. 

- Current or previous CPR/AED & Wilderness First Responder Certified. Must be certified by start date. 

- Demonstrated experience in developing and delivering training programs, technical outdoor skills, and leadership development. 

- Instructional experience in outdoor recreation, education, leadership, or related field. 


Preferred Qualifications:

- Master’s degree in Student Affairs Administration, Education, Outdoor Recreation, Recreation Management, Physical Education, or related field. 

- Demonstrated knowledge of current research, trends, and issues that impact collegiate outdoor recreation/orientation programs. 

- Demonstrated knowledge of student leadership and student development theories and their applications in practice. 

- Demonstrated skills and experience in strategic assessment of programs, services, and/or student learning outcomes. 

- Experience increasing outreach and participation for historically underrepresented populations in recreational activities. 

- Experience working in an Outdoor Recreation program at a Higher Education institution. 

- Nationally recognized certifications including but not limited to: 

- ACA Instructor Certifications River/Whitewater, Swiftwater Safety & Rescue, Sea/Coastal Kayaking 

- AMGA Certifications Single Pitch Instructor, Rock Guide, Alpine Guide, Ski Guide 

- AIARE Certifications Pro 1, Pro 2, Instructor 

- Wilderness Medicine Instructor 

- Wilderness EMT 

- ACCT Certifications Level 1, Level 2, Challenge Course Manager Certification 


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