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NuuSol Footwear


Posted by NuuSol on 11/18/2019

Industry Sector(s): Lifestyle, Outdoor,

Territories Available:

States: AZ, CA, HI, NV


Job Basics

Categories: apparel, footwear,

Employer State: ID

Employer City: Caldwell

Contact Name: Taylor Naff -

Business Phone: 208-400-3347 Ext 701


Posting Description & Requirements

The most comfortable footwear you will ever wear (or sell)!

Commission: 8%

Territories: TBD, see available states.

Experience: 5 years in the outdoor industry, with at least 3 years in the footwear industry.

Recently launched in 2018, NuuSol Footwear is based in Caldwell, Idaho, and we proudly manufacture all our products in Ontario, Oregon U.S.A. We have accumulated nearly 500 accounts in 1 short year. We have a fantastic team, excellent customer support, and a great product!

We make it easy for you to sell! Your accounts will get a base margin of 57%, promotional margin of 60%, a small footprint in the store, and a MADE IN USA product that turns much quicker than our competitors’. Our sandals are ridiculously comfortable, so we are happy to send samples to help close the sale!

Check us out at

We’re proud of what we’re making; be proud of what you wear.

About NuuSol

The most comfortable MADE IN USA footwear you will ever wear! NuuSol is powered by Evasol, a lightweight, soft and supportive material that actually forms to the shape of your foot. They are ridiculously comfortable, with a sleek design, fun colors, and a fair price. Podiatrists are highly recommending NuuSol for its great arch support and footbed design. Top features include Podiatrist Recommended ~ No more pain! Highly recommended by podiatrists and doctors to relieve pain in joints, neck and back, feet, Plantar Fasciitis, and more. | Evasol Material - Soft, lightweight, supportive, non-marking, floating, non-porous (they won't stink). | Slip Resistant ~ Don't worry about slipping on wet surfaces! | Fantastic Customer Support ~ We stand behind our warranty, and ensure every customer is happy with our service!